It's me!

Hello. I’m T.J. Brown, an acrylic painter, charcoal artist, and a thoroughly mediocre bowler.

I’ve always been drawn to harsh contrasts of light and shadow, conveying a sense of tension between the viewer and the space; borrowing from film noir, cinematic thrillers, and the technique of chiaroscuro. Lately, I’ve also been interested in destabilizing common, mundane spaces themselves; combining abstraction and realism to tear right through reality. Like a glitch, as if someone hit the pause button on a VHS tape or corrupted a hard drive; adding ambiguity to what was a clear picture just a moment before.

I like the nature of obscurity; both the arena of uncovering things which remain hidden, and muddying things up, making them harder to see. I enjoy taking ordinary spaces and altering them; transforming everyday locales in to something uncommon and unfamiliar.

Currently based out of Pickering, Ontario, I have been practicing professionally since 2015. As a toddler, I picked up a permanent marker and scribbled all over my parents’ apartment. I’ve been creating ever since, but I’ve traded in the permanent marker for charcoal and acrylics.

Word is still out on whether or not I’ve improved since my toddler days.